New Arrivals and Reviews

Book Review

Lex Blackmon


I loved reading "The Shifter" by Janice Hardy. The characters were like real people. From the beginning, they grew as the story unfolded. Some of the termonology was confusing at first, but the characters actions explained more of what was going on.

Nya was faced with some hard decisions and by the end of the story she was not the same person as at the beginning. At first, she showed qualities of strength, but in the end, she really showed what she was hiding. I can't wait to read the next Janice Hardy book. 

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New Arrivals

By Bryan Powell


You never know what's in that box or bag of books as friends of Hiram Bookstore arrive daily to trade in their well-maintained books for more books. As you know, we give store credit for your books, and today, we received some wonderful finds. Teen Fantasy, Stephen King Horror, C.S. Lewis's Narnia. So come on down and check out the latest stock. You'll find them on the New Arrival shelf.

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New Home-School Material

Patty Powell


As the Summer winds down and the beginning of another exciting school years unfolds, it is time to start thinking about Home-School material. We have new arrivals of quality school material almost every day. We have a complete set of 11th grade math and language arts which include the teacher's manual and student lessons. They won't last long, so hurry in and check them out.

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